USB rechargeable LED Rear Tail Safety Warning LED Lamp Light for Cycling Bicycle Bike

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Features :

1. LED light and laser light dual-mode lighting design: independent switch control, riding more cool, if you buy two, install them before and after the bicycle, after turning on the laser mode at night, you will find cool on the ground The spider pattern attracts everyone’s attention when riding at night. The highlight of the LED and laser can serve as a good warning. You can also use its laser to tease dogs or cats.

2.Small size and great effect: with 5 bright  LED,1 LD laser and Fresnel lens lampshade, high brightness and non-glaring. Fresnel lens lampshade-invented by French scientists-can increase the irradiation area and range, reduce the light damage to the human eye, in popular terms, increase the softness and visible range of the light.

3.6 kinds of light modes: make your cycling more cool, Long light for 2.5h, fast flash for 5h, slow flash for 7h; LD mode: long light for 2.5h, fast flash for 5h, slow flash for 7h.

4. Built-in polymer lithium battery: USB rechargeable, long use time, charging time only 2h, laptop and other low-voltage power supply equipment can be powered, just plug in USB for 2.5h and it will be fully charged when you go to work. Charging time is shorter than other lights (including charging cable)

5. Power display function: control the riding in real time, press and hold the switch, know the power status according to the flashing lights, avoid the situation of no power

6. Waterproof and dustproof design: IPX5 is waterproof and dustproof, which can cope with most usage scenarios, so that your riding is not restricted;

NOTE:The tail light has no laser function.

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