Halloween 3PC Crow Prop Large Realistic Raven Feathered Spooky Party Home Decor

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Product Description:


1.Made of renewable plastics body and natural feather, high quality and great workmanship.

2.In assorted poses,the size of 16CM are not spread wings, just standing and raising its head, and the sizes of 15CM/30CM are spread the wings.

3.Bright and mental black eyes, realistic claws and mouth design, plus feathers, the whole crow props just as come alive.

4.There is bendable wires on the feet, allow for temporary attachment to fences, furniture, branches,fences, pumpkins, chair backs,etc. you can set them according to your preferences, bring a sense of mystery and intrigue to your decor.

5.Easy to install,you can install quickly according to the installation steps.

6.Great for scary Halloween display, pair with Halloween lights, tombstone, and other spooky props to make the Halloween Haunt decoration a sensational one.

8.Suitable for Halloween/ Home decoration/ Rockery bonsai/ Living room bedroom/ Fish tank, for example, you can placed it outdoors on the porch area or in the yard,even place on the scarecrow's shoulder.


Material: Renewable plastics+Feather

Size:15CM, 16CM, 30CM

Color: Black

Type: Decoration

Style: Realistic, Animals

Occasion: Halloween/ Home decoration/ Rockery bonsai/ Living room bedroom/ Fish tank

Package Includes:

A Pack of Crow props (3Pcs)

Installation process:

1. Open the package and take out the crow props.

2. Pull out the bamboo stick at the reserved hole of the red circle mark with a little force. If some products do not leave a reserved hole, proceed directly to the next step.

3. Insert the wings into the reserved holes or the corresponding positions in the correct direction.

4. The installation is complete.

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