Cutest and Beautiful 16pcs Bendable Stems 8 Colors Green Red Yellow Pink Plush Daisy Flowers Smiley Happy Face 13 Inches Long

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16PCS Bendable Stems Plush Daisy Flowers Smiley by WYN-Marts, 8 Colors Smiley Happy Face 13 Inches Long, Happy Gift for Boys and Girls

The Cutest and Beautiful Bendable Stems Plush Daisy Flowers Kids Ever Get - They Will be Super Happy

These smiling flowers are loved boys and girls. The green stems of flowers are bendable into many different shapes and will stay exactly where they were. They are fun and cute and will be the best gift for kids. The smiling flowers can be used for decoration for kids' room filling the room with happiness. Kids can put the smiling flowers wherever they want because the stems are bendable. They can put them on curtain circle around, or they can put then into a pencil holder, and so on.

  • Color: 2PCS red; 2PCS blue; 2PCS pink; 2PCS light pink; 2PCS green; 2PCS yellow; 2PCS orange; 2 PCS Purple
  • Size: 13 inches in length
  • Quanity: total 16 bendable stems plush daisy flowers
  • Material: wire and fabric clothes

How to use:

The flower stem can bend into many shapes by simply apply pressure on the stem. It will stay exactly where it was. When you want to change its shape again, just simply apply pressure against the stem, every easy, simple, and fun!

Why Our Bendable Stem Flowers Are Better ?
  • Great value at fair price - we offer 16 PCS flowers (more than 1 dz) instead of 12 PCS like other sellers, but our price is lower.
  • Durable - our flower a brighter and cuter with durable well sewed soft clothes
  • Better after sales service - we handle customer issues or product problem fast than other sellers, 100% guarantee you purchase with happiness or full money back.




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