Aluminum Alloy Black or White Flag Pole Bracket 2-Position Cast 1" Inch Heavy Duty Mounting Holder US

Color: Black
Sale price$ 12.78


- Material:Aluminum Alloy
- Suitable flagpole size:1-inch diameter
- Mounting Way:Wall Mounted
- Durable Metal Construction: Made of premium aluminum alloy and white powder coated finish. Constructed to withstand the elements, this flagpole mount can be safely used outdoors. This flagpole bracket works with a standard 1-inch diameter flagpole, it can be used to hold wooden flagpoles or metal flagpoles.
- Dual-Position Mounting Bracket: It designed to be able to hold your flagpole at two appropriate angles. You can either fly your flag horizontally at a right angle to your house, or you can fly it at an upward angle.
- Multi-Use:Applicable to the horizontal surface of various objects. The metal flag pole holder can be installed to walls, yard, roof,the wooden pile,house,brick,metal surface with holes,etc.
1 × Flag Pole Holder
3 × Mounting Screws

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